Open EML File

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Troubleshooting opening and reading EML files

In general, opening EML files is a simple task, given the advances in software and email clients. However, certain problems may still happen.


EML files do not open in Outlook Express. Usually, this is because another program has reserved the EML extension for itself. The solution to this problem is to restore file associations for Outlook Express.

Outlook Express should be closed if it is open. After that press Win + R to open command prompt window, then type msimn /reg and press Enter. This will reset the file associations for Outlook Express. Now, when double clicking, the EML files, should open automatically.

Verify the extension. The EML extensions may have been corrupted (they appear as _EML instead of EML). If the EML file does not open, verify that the extension has not been changed. Rename any EML file that has the _EML extension to remove the _.


Android, by itself, is not compatible with EML extensions, so you need to install third-party software.

Download the EML Reader free app. It is one of the most praised EML readers available (although there are many others that you can choose, if you wish). Just search for the "eml reader" in the Google Play Store. Open an EML file, press "Always" to associate the EML files with your new reader. Read the EML file. EML Reader FREE will divide the EML file into different parts, including the To, Date, Subject, Text, HTML and Attachments sections. The "Text" section contains the body of the EML file. The "HTML" section will display the message in its original format.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of attachments. Press and hold an attachment to open it. These are all the images that were used to create the HTML message, as well as any file that is attached to the message.

When you press and hold an attachment, a new menu will appear. Select "Open" and then select an application that can read that type of file. You can also select “Save” to extract the file from the EML file and place it in the same folder.

To conclude, we will revise the main reasons why you may have problems opening an EML file, these can be:

  • the EML file may be linked (associated) incorrectly with another application. In this case you have to change this association. To do this, right-click on the EML file you want to edit, click on the "Open with" option and then select from the list the program you just installed. After this action, the problems to open the EML file should disappear.
  • the file you want to open may simply be corrupted. Then the best solution is to find a different version of the file and download it. It is possible that for some reason in the previous session the download of the EML file has not been completed and cannot be opened properly.